Sombra is the adjustable recessed mounting solution ideal for adding value to its setting.

It features a concentric ball mechanism for adjusting the optics 45° vertically and 356° horizontally, thus maintaining the lamp recessed and out of sight from every angle. For total integration into the room, Sombra can be painted in the same colour as the false ceiling to which it is mounted. With its elegant design, available in 3 diameters, and its special trimless installation mount, Sombra is the ideal solution for architects and designers looking for interior lighting systems.

Features & Benefits:
• Available for LED, halogen and metal halide lamps.
• Luminous flux up to 3798 lm and CRI > 90 (LED versions)
• Available in 3 diameters: Ø 171, Ø 212 and Ø 255
• Interchangeable optical system (IOS)
• Excellent heat management for increased LED life
• Innovative adjustment system: 45° vertical, 356° horizontal
• Locking grub screw with detents every 5°.
• Available in IP43 version.
• Trimless installation available with ceiling mount
• Can be equipped with IR, UV, selective food and coloured dichroic filters