Quadriplus is a fixed recessed fixture, designed for LED lamps only, featuring the 4 optics IOS Comfort LL4 system or LL5 asymmetrical system.

Thanks to its lightweight die-cast aluminium body and dissipator, Quadriplus installs in rooms with false ceiling of just 12mm. Luminous flux up to 6640 lm and a special asymmetrical optics version make Quadriplus a flexible solution for general, accent and wall washer lighting applications for both small and large rooms requiring excellent performance and efficiency.

Features & Benefits:
• Available for LED, metal halide and compact fluorescent lamps
• Luminous flux up to 6640 lm and CRI > 90 (LED versions)
• Interchangeable optical system (IOS)
• IP40 protection rating
• Excellent heat management for increased LED life
• Recess depth of just 12 mm
• Mounts quickly with the innovative ClikFix one-way spring system
• Can be equipped with integrated satin screen for a softer beam