Low Voltage Recessed

Low Voltage Mains Range is the evergreen series of fixed or adjustable recessed luminaires whose innovative Reggiani halogen lamp with dichroic reflector has left its mark on lighting technology, making it possible to miniaturise the dimensions of lighting bodies and to select the width of the light beam.

The solid diamond polished brass gives Bijou great personality and value, while the unmistakeable prismatic shield of Splash with the clear glass central lens is characterised by IP 65, making it suitable for use in saunas, swimming pools or areas where a high degree of protection is required.

Low Voltage Projectors

The Low Voltage series includes an extensive variety of adjustable, surface or track mounted projectors which are excellent for accent lighting effects; their materials and design are different but they are united by the use of halogen lamps with dichroic reflector.

All models can be track or surface mounted. The compact size, fine materials make them extremely suitable for stylish, defi ned lighting.