Envios Track

Envios Track Envios is a versatile track mounting luminaire for interiors, available in two sizes with LED, halogen and metal halide lamps.

The electrical system is separated from the optical compartment for reasons of styling and improved heat dissipation, thus maximising the lamp's service life.

Features & Benefits:
• Available for LED, halogen and metal halide lamps.
• Luminous flux up to 4480 lm and CRI > 90 (LED versions)
• Interchangeable optical system (IOS)
• Can be equipped with IR, UV, selective food and coloured dichroic filters
• Extremely adjustable angle of projection: 356° horizontal, -135° +135° vertical
• Available in two sizes
• Can be equipped with a no-dazzle honeycomb grille and ceiling mount base.

Envios IP66
Envios is an outdoors projector with IP66 protection rating, resistant, versatile and high performance. Exclusively for LED lamps, Envios is the outcome of a collaboration between Reggiani and LAPD Studio aimed at providing light solutions for a specific urban setting - Woolwich Square, London. Envios for exteriors is a range of fixtures which perfectly satisfy the complex functional requirements of outdoors installations, including fixed and adjustable surface mounting units and a range of accessories to expand its applications: cable, pole, wall, branch, column and spike mounting.

Features & Benefits:
• LED lamps, output up to 6640 lm
• Protection rating IP66
• Available in three sizes: Ø84mm, Ø126mm and Ø226mm
• Extra-light tempered glass, resistant to thermal and mechanical shocks
• Silicon rubber cable gland for cascaded electrical connection
• Adjustable bracket with graduated goniometer for precise projector orientation;
• Can be fitted with no-glare grille, 45° visor
• Accessories for suspended mounting on cable and chains, poles, wall mounting with fixed and adjustable brackets, on branches and columns or in the ground with spikes or boards.